What's Eatin Ya Cap'n? is the 38b episode of the middle season.


At the begginning,Flapjack finds a termite.Bubbie noticed and found out that K'nuckles had termites in his wooden legs. So Bubbie kicks him out. Bubbie says that she and flapjack must leave so she won't be infested but Flapjack doesn't want to leave so Bubbie lets him stay but now they must get rid of the termites before Stormalong (which is made out of wood). K'nuckles goes to Doctor Barber and ask a hypothetical question about termites and Doc responds by cutting off the source (which is K'nuckles' legs) not wanting this to happen he asked for a better way Doctor Barber says yes and foreigners who stopped by Stormalong specializes in that stuff but it was too late as they already left. Later while sleeping K'nuckles' termites eats through half the docks thus splitting Stormalong up and Flapjack's half had drifted away. The next day K'nuckles finds an angry Docter Barber and attempt too eliminate the source but k'nuckles swims away. While riding a boat K'nuckles was saved by Peppermint Larry, Dock Hag, Lady Nickelbottoms, and Flapjack. They were not aware of K'nuckles' problem but nevertheless Larry decides to lead them so they can get back to Stormalong but K'nuckles fearing what they'll do to him if they do find Stormalong decides to purposely change course. Larry knows this is happening and accuses Lolly of not setting the correct course K'nuckles lies and says they are since he's a real (self-proclaimed) captain. Larry has doubts but everyone else is convinced. After days of sailing the crew finally complains that they still haven't found stormalong yet. Larry tries to turn the sail around but half of the wood breaks and they split up strandoning the lost people. Larry finds out that termites are on the boat and since they are in the middle of the ocean it would mean somebody is attracting them. They eventually find out it was K'nuckles and they threaten to throw him of the boat. Before they do anything Flapjack confesses that it was his fault (although it really was K'nuckles) and tries to sacrifice himself. But K'nuckles with a change of heart tells the truth but instead of forgiving him the crew throws him in the water. Luckily K'nuckles was saved by foreigners but finds that instead of getting rid of them with no harm he finds their treatment just as worse as Doctor Barber's and his lower torso is cut off. Later the foreigners help rebuild Stormalong while K'nuckles is moping.

What's Eatin Ya Cap'n?
May 31,2010
Knuckles has termites in his wooden legs which leads up to a problem


"What's Eatin' Ya, Cap'n?" airs Monday, May 31st at 8:30pm.

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