Who's That Man in the Mirror? is the sixth episode of Season 2.


The episode opens with Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles outside the portrait store, looking at paintings of adventurers. They enter and K'nuckles gets his portrait painted by the painter, who says that the portrait looks exactly like K'nuckles. However, in the picture, K'nuckles is portrayed as a pregnant woman because he is overweight. The old man hangs it on the wall titled 'Expectant Mothers.' Angry, K'nuckles goes home with Flapjack and announces he will go on a diet. However, inevitably, he ends up on the couch drinking 'diet' maple syrup, which he claims is healthier than normal syrup. Just then, there's a knock on the door and a real adventurer shows up. He is the same one whose portraits they saw earlier at the painter's store. He holds up the portrait of K'nuckles as a pregnant woman and says he wants to see K'nuckles, because 'she' is the prettiest pregnant woman he had ever seen. When he learns K'nuckles is really a man, he is devastated, but then he stays to dinner. Soon, K'nuckles finds himself contending for Flapjack's attention with the real adventurer, who is far superior to him in mostly everything. However, later, when the real adventurer asks Flapjack to set sail with him, Flapjack declines, saying that he can't leave Bubbie and K'nuckles behind. Then he and K'nuckles head to the Candy Barrel together.


  • This is the adventurer's second appearance, his first being "Kid Nickels"
  • "Will you set sail with me" is a reference to "will you marry me".