At the candy barrel, an another adventurer  is bothered by Flapjack's constant shouting of the word adventure and he thinks he is not really an adventurer. Flapjack is angry with the man and quickly thinks of an idea to show him he is wrong which is capturing Eight-armed-Willy and having him sing and if the man will get a tattoo saying Flapjack is the best adventurer ever. If the man is correct  Flapjack will never utter the word adventure ever again. When they leave the barrel a writer writes about Flapjack going to catch Willy he then decides to help Flapjack find and capture Willy with the help of  his friends  if they get his ink . They go to the sea of teeth and they reach Willy and they manage to capture him. When in stormalong  the man said they had to make Willy sing suddenly,Willy grabs everyone and Flapjack explains he needs to sing and give the writers ink or else he can't say his favorite word. Willy said he likes to sing and does so and gives the writers ink and said to them they should have asked and Flapjack wins the bet.


Adventure, Adventure (song)


"I'm sick of hearing this little, PIP-squeak scream "Adventure!" everytime I come in here! You're ok K'nuckles, but this kid, he's no adventurer!"


The things that Flapjack mentioned to the man, were seen in the episodes Cuddle Trouble, Whale Times and Jar She Blows!.


The guy's face looked like a Phil Face from Adventure Time

We learn that Eight-Armed Willy is a good singer.

the only major role and speaking of Willy

last apparence of Willy

This is one of the episodes that bubbie doesn't appear in.

When the guy says "Adventure!" his face ressembles a Phil Face from Adventure Time.

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