Tired of people being around in Stormalong, K'nuckles wishes that they were gone so that he could be alone. But after a few days to himself, he starts missing everyone. Could he change his mind on the wish?

Wishing Not So Well
May 17,2010
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K'nuckles wishes that everyone was gone with the wishing well, then his wish came true. He goes to the Candy Barrel and eats all the candy he could reach. He tries to get more but ends up breaking the latter and his legs. He tries befriending three rats but they got on a boat and ran away. K'nuckes goes to the school building to teach himself to take care of himself. After his graduation party, he destoried the school. He then desides to undo his wish. After he finds his coin, his send back in time before he made his wish. But he ends up scaring everybody and chasing himself.


  • Of all the episodes of the series, this is Flapjack's first minor appearnce. Making K'nuckles, the main character of this episode.
  • This episode shows K'nuckles wanted to be alone by himself. But in Come Home Cap'n he didn't want to be lonely.
  • Gag: K'nuckles threw every coin in the well.(It was A LOT of coins!)
  • He wished he was alone, yet rats and the pictures of kids were still there.

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