You're Beauteous is a song from Flapjack, mostly on Cartoon Network on August 2008. These feature clips from the first episodes and shorts. Most notably, I Flushy My Brushy. The song is a parody of James Blunt's song You're Beautiful.


Your face is dented.

Kissed by a fist.

You smell fermented.

You reek like fish.

Saw you with your shirt off.

You should really hit the gym.

Please throw a shirt on.

I'm totally freaked out by him.

But your momma says:

You're beauteous, you're beauteous.

With a nice personality, she says.

Yeah your teeth are gone.

And I sing this song.

'Cause your mom has poor eye sight.

And that dude just ain't right.

Yeah, your nose is wrong.

So I sing this song.

'Cause there's just too much focus these days on body image.

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