You're Urchins Now is a song seen in the episode Sea Urchins. The leader(Ricky) did most of the singing while the others joined in. This was to help support Flapjack and K'nuckles become members of the Urchins.


Nobody likes us Urchins, they call us bums and cheats,

But then you folks came along, and took us off the streets.

So now it's time to thank you, and we thank you with our feets.

When you make friends with an urchin, you're an urchin for life,

We might still kick and punch you, but we'll never use a knife.

Now, really you can trust us, just as long you've got charm,

As far we're  concered, You're Urchins Now!

(Breaking dancing begins until..)

We're got no place to sleep tonight so if you will allow,

We'd like to stay with youses, This ain't one of our rouses.

(Chorus line and slow line)

As far as we're concered, You guys are Urchins now!

(And... wink!)


This was the only song in the episode Sea Urchins

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